Bismuth Crystal

Bismuth Crystal
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Bismuth formations resemble metallic rainbows in intricate fractal shape. After viewing the beauty that is the Bismuth crystal, just about anyone would crave this mineral.

A sample is created in a laboratory by heating the element to a molten temperature, then allowing it to cool, creating the natural geometric shape. This is one of the few minerals more dense in solid form rather than liquid.

The colorful finish naturally occurs as a result of an oxide layer that rises to the surface of the mineral like a soap bubble. It is amazing to see that something this colorful and elaborately shaped could occur in nature!

For people who study the healing significance of minerals, Bismuth has a helpful impact on the body's entire energy pattern. This stone is associated with the Astrological sign Aquarius. This crystal would be helpful to keep on the desk of someone who wants to encourage their social connections, or in a meditation area for encouraging progress and metaphysical transformation. Connecting with this stone could help with advancing the ideals of the Age of Aquarius.

This shiny marvel of nature would be a wonderful gift for any mineral lover. It is a thing of such beauty that rockhounds, art lovers, crystal healers or scientists would all love to have a sample to display and marvel over.

These one of a kind samples are approximately one square inch each.