Speaker Light Bulb

GiiNii AudioBulb
$119.96 on Amazon
A light? A speaker? A speaker light?
That’s right!

That’s right!
A speaker light!

Well then, come on, go on, it won’t bite...
It’s time to try the speaker light!

The speaker light includes a remote control that allows you to use the speaker and the light wirelessly. It can be plugged into any 60 watt light bulb socket. The speaker light comes with a standalone base that transmits the audio to the speaker light.

A User Review For You: "I am a huge, huge, huge, audio guy. I own an extremely expensive audio system in my theater room. I refuse to listen to the radio anywhere, any time because of the low sound quality. I decided to try these speaker light bulbs in an effort to save a little money. I am happy with the sound quality. Now, you can't turn the volume up full throttle and expect perfection. But, for low to medium level sounds, it is very decent.

The light itself is functional and comes with a dimable feature that works nicely. I set the light and base up in under 30 mins. If you are on the edge about these speaker light bulbs, you should take the leap!"