Money Eating Face Bank

$10.99 on Amazon
If you're bored with traditional piggy banks and are looking for a more fun, silly, and slightly creepy way to get your kids to start saving young, the Money Eating Face Bank might just be what you're looking for. This "piggy" bank is essentially a block with an odd face on the front of it that eats money using a bizarre chewing motion. The face (consisting of two eyes, two small nose holes, and a big mouth) itself has been described as both cute, and the stuff of nightmares but is sure to be a hit among kids who are into off the wall stuff.

The bank itself has been described as being quite durable and holds a fair amount of coins. Its dimensions are: 3.7 x 3.7 x 3.9 in and it is said to have a long battery life. Furthermore it will eat just about every type of coin imaginable so long as it will fit in the mouth. The way it works is that the face has a built in heat sensor that detects when a person's hand gets close with the coin. Once it detects the hand it begins chewing as the coin is inserted into its mouth. There is a power switch on the back that can be used to turn the bank off to help conserve battery life.

While most customer love the Money Eating Face Bank, some have stated that it is simply a novelty item and not to be used as a serious bank. That being said, it functions exactly as you'd expect a piggy bank to function aside from the fact that you don't have to smash it to retrieve the coins. In addition to making a great kid's toy, it also makes a wonderful gag gift for friends and coworkers as well. One customer even admitted to hiding his face bank randomly around the house to scare his wife!