Ice Ball Maker

Ice Ball Maker
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Got a cocktail party on the horizon? Or are you just looking forward to a nice cool glass of milk after a long days work? No matter what the time or occasion, there is no reason that you shouldn't be drinking in class.

That's where this premium ice ball mold maker comes into play. It creates 4 ice balls. They are slow melting, round spheres. These ice balls will keep your drink cold without you having to worry about it watering it down.

So drink in style, or if having a dinner party you will be sure to thrill your guests when you surprise them with a ice ball! If you don't have the need for this, then consider giving it as a gift! Perhaps a Christmas gift to your parents, or maybe a Birthday gift to your boss who likes the finer things in life.

These ice balls are quick and easy to make! They only take a few hours to freeze, so they'll be ready in a jiffy. Pop them into the glass of your drink, and they really do look beautiful. They add a whole new wave of elegance to what could ordinary be a boring looking, and probably slightly warm drink.

These ice balls don't have to be for any one sort of particular drink. Use them in any sort of drink! From iced tea, to soda, to juice, or any other sort of milk, they make a great addition to the glass. Be sure to surprise guests with these. They will all be wondering how you got such perfectly round ice balls that don't melt. You can either then tell them your secret of the ice ball maker mold, or leave it a mystery.

Either way this is a necessity for any one who wants to enjoy a cool drink that looks classy! It's easy to work, awesome to impress, and long lasting.