Smartphone Mood Light

Smartphone Mood Light
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When you add a pop of color to your room with a bright light, you want to be able to customize that light to all of your needs. Setting the mood for a romantic encounter? The last thing you want is a glowing green orb in the corner of the room, distracting from the experience. A bright, exciting day, on the other hand, needs the added brilliance of sunshine yellow to help bring your mood even higher. With the Smartphone Mood Light, you can transform your light according to your mood with a few clicks on your phone. Even better, it has other features that will have it perfectly displaying all of your moods, app notifications, and a reflection of what you're doing with your spare time.

Pulse to the Beat

Would you love to have your light "dance" along with you to the beat of your favorite song, pulsing to the beat as the song plays? You can customize your settings to allow your light to do exactly that. You can choose a single color or pulse between several different ones: whatever works to fit your mood.

Display Notifications When You're Across the Room

Waiting for an important text or email, but don't want to be glued to your phone? The Smartphone Mood Light can be set to react to notifications on your phone, flashing in a color of your choice to alert you to the need to check your phone. You can kick back on your bed with your phone on your desk, study without your phone in your pocket, or leave your phone sitting on your nightstand while you get ready for the day, and your light will let you know every time it needs your attention. Even better, the flashing light, unlike an auditory notification, won't be noticed outside your room, which means that you can text or email without disturbing other members of your household.

Wake Up Slowly and Gently

Connect your smartphone alarm to the light and wake up to a gentle glow that will help you wake up gradually. Waking up and staggering around in the dark isn't fun for anyone, but if your light switch is across the room, it can be hard to get to it if it's still dark outside! When you work with this light, on the other hand, you can wake up with a gentle glow already started. What could be better than seeing the rosy light of dawn even before it could come peeking through your window?

The Smartphone Mood Light is designed to be compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. It will also work with several different tablets. At about four inches tall on the longest side, the mood light is small enough to fit on any bedside table or even to tuck into a suitcase while you're traveling. It's the perfect accessory for your college dorm room, apartment, or home. No matter what your decorating style, thi smood light is sure to fit right in!