Caviar Manicure Kit

Caviar Manicure Kit
$23.66 on Amazon
The Caviar Manicure Kit gives you a great way to create a 3D manicure... and for better of for worse, does not actually include caviar.

Painting your nails with color only gives you one aspect of design. With this 3D kit, you also get a texture that will make your nails really pop.

The kit comes with a bottom coat of color that will be used as the backdrop for the burst of color that will be laid on top. Once the first coat is in place, you can apply the layer of tiny colored balls that make this look so unique.

The balls are multicolored like tiny confetti pieces. The included bottom coat of polish is a mid-range pale pink that coordinates well with the "pearls" that are laid on top, but you can also use your own nail polish color to create a different look. The balls are mostly pastel colors with bright pops of green, so many different polish colors can be used to bring out the colors and glossy texture of the pearls.

The third step is to add the included top coat cf clear polish on top of the balls. The clear coat seals the balls in place and binds the whole look together.

With these on your nails, getting compliments is just to be expected. It's such an unusual and sophisticated look that you may find regular, flat polish to be a little boring once you have sported this look.