All-Weather Fire Starter

All-Weather Fire Starter
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All-weather fire starters are a great alternative to traditional matches. With all-weather fire starters you have a better chance of being able to light a wider range of tinder as well as being able to start a fire in weather conditions such as rain, than you do with traditional matches.

All-weather fire starters are light weight, compact, and you do not have to worry about them getting wet as you would with matches. In addition to this, the sparks of all-weather fire starters have the ability to reach up to 3 times the amount of heat that you would be able to get from a traditional match. All-weather fire starters were not made to excessively start fires while camping. They can be used in numerous situations such as starting gas grills, charcoal grills, and fireplaces. It is important to note that there are different ways in which each of these different fires need to be started. Each process to starting a fire is very simple, it is just important to be aware of the different starting processes so that the person starting the fire can create the best fire possible.

Most people who have purchased all-weather fire starters are very happy with their new piece of equipment, but there are those who are not as happy as well. Not all people are impressed with the manufacturing of all-weather fire starters and ultimately believe that they could be made with stronger and more durable materials.

Another negative comment is that in the process of trying to start the fire, the pile of tinder gets knocked over by the all-weather fire starter. These two complaints may be from lack of experience with all-weather fire starters or they may be something a buyer needs to fully consider before deciding to purchase one of these products.