LED Rainfall Shower Head

LED Rainfall Shower Head
$108.99 on Amazon
Lucid color rain
steaming and relaxing
swirling down the drain
like the day's incessant taxing.

Take a few and stay
beneath the calm prismatic head.
Let your troubles wash away
so you may sleep carefree in bed.

The LED rainfall shower head changes colors depending on the temperature of the water. When the shower head senses water, the LED light is turned on. The lED rainfall shower head comes with a battery that should not need replaced. The shower head is made of stainless steel with a chrome finish.

A User Review For You: "So far, we are really pleased with our purchase. My kids like to shower with all the lights off. I like that I can tell what the water temperature is like by the color of the shower head. If the color is red then the water is hot and if the color is blue then the water is cool and if the color is a violet tint then the water is warm."