Obi Wan Kenobi Moleskin Daily Planner

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A long time ago, on a date far, far away…

Even Jedi Knights need to keep track of their appointments!

You can keep track of your appointments, important dates to remember and your innermost thoughts on The Force in the new limited edition Obi Wan Kenobi day planner and diary!

This pocket-sized planner has the image of the great Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi silk screened across the cover. This planner, made by the famous Moleskine Company, features an expandable inner pocket, removable themed address book, 400 pages of acid-free thread-bound paper (there is a new page for each day), and two sets of stickers.

Here is what customers are saying…

“I write daily on every single page. The binding is great for long term journaling. It’s a great value, and I highly recommend it!”

“This is a great compact planner. This planner has a very good balance of recording space when compared to a full on day planner, and a standard calendar. The Obi Wan graphic is subtle and well done.”

Moleskine diaries are designed to meet the demanding needs of people who need to organize ideas, appointments and other thoughts. With this remarkable planner you can plan projects, record appointments, create to-do lists, keep track of contact information, and make general notes.

When recording your important thoughts on your daily battles, while unwinding at the Mos Eisley cantina, aliens from all over the quadrant will want to know where you got it! Just keep you blaster holstered when they approach!

The retail price is $14.95. But, for today only, this planner can be yours for only $9.99, and there is no charge for shipping!

This planner will make a great gift for the Star Wars fan in your life! Maybe even pick one up for yourself! Order today!