R2-D2 Collectors Watch

R2-D2 Collectors Watch
$220.63 on Amazon
R2-D2's only skill
isn't fixing shields.
This droid can tell the time
with some visual appeal.

No matter what the time is,
Artoo will get it right.
Unless, that is, you set the time
to read "day" when it's night.

Do you see how soft and gentle the velvet pillow holds the officialy licensed collectors edition R2-D2 watch? It holds it very gently and soft. Can you imagine displaying this in your house? Do you need to get a smashing gift for a Star Wars fan?

This watch comes with a certificate of authenticity and has its own unique collectors number on the certificate and etched on the watch. R2-D2 can swim up to 50 feet below the water and keep on ticking. The watchface is made from stainless steel and the strap is made of leather.