Objects In Mirror Are Losing Sticker

Objects In Mirror Are Losing Sticker
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Looking for a fun sticker that will attach to your side mirror, reminding you that no matter what, you're a little bit ahead of someone in the crowd? Look no further. The "Objects in Mirror are Losing" sticker is a witty reminder that will make you smile every time you see it.

Sure, it might have been the lousiest day you've had at the office in weeks. Sure, you might have had a fight with your spouse before you made it out the door. Maybe there are kids fighting in the back seat, unpaid bills that you haven't figured out how to pay yet, and all too many responsibilities waiting for you the moment you get home. For that one brief moment, as you glance into your side mirror, none of that matters. You're winning, and everyone you can see in that mirror is losing! It's an easy way to make your day a little bit brighter every time you get in your car.

The decal is approximately 2 3/4" in size, so it will fit on almost any mirror you like. No matter what car you're driving, you can personalize it to your unique sense of humor and remind yourself that you're a winner all at the same time. Most side mirrors come standard with a warning that "Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear," but you already know that. You'd rather have a reminder that will bring a smile to your face and a little extra zing to your driving. Maybe it will make you push down the pedal a little bit harder, getting you to your destination that much faster, or maybe you'll be able to just sit back and cruise on, secure in the knowledge that today you're winning at something!

Looking for a little additional mood boost? No one said the sticker had to go on a car mirror. Feel free to attach it to a mirror in your office and invite unsuspecting coworkers to look into it. It might earn you a few giggles, and who knows? If they take that "losing" bit literally, you could be in for a promotion before you know it.

Customer reviews of the "Objects in Mirror are Losing" decal are highly positive overall. Most customers are pleased with the lifespan of the sticker and with the giggles it gets from their more observant friends. Worried that it will fall right off your car? Worry no more! This sticker is designed to attach itself to your car and stay there for quite some time.

Disclaimer: sticker manufacturers are not responsible for any accidents or altercations with the police that may occur as a result of installing this sticker on your car. Sticker can result in unwarranted feelings of cockiness, which could lead to unsafe driving behavior. If flashing lights appear in your rear view and/or side mirrors, please disregard sticker information. Should a police officer ask about your speeding behavior, attributing it to the sticker could lead to further problems, all of which are your responsibility as the driver of the car.