Chocolate Gaming Dice

Chocolate Gaming Dice
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If you've wanted vengeance
for all those natural 1s
these dice would make good sacrifices
to forgive the harm been done.

If you roll a critical
should that die be rewarded?
Of course not! It's just chocolate.
Its emotions aren't important.

I have good news for you. This is a package set of three with six chocolate dice in each set. The chocolate is 100% organic and was created in the United States of America. Sixty six percent cacao. The three dice sets are full gaming dice sets.

A User Review For You: "My man is a huge D&D gamer. I bought them as an anniversary gift for him. He was a very happy boy. The dice are extremely well made. You will have no problem discerning numbers. The chocolate is very very tasty. We decided to eat two packages and leave the third in the freezer to preserve them so that we can show them off. Very awesome gift. Very happy."