Zelda Mints

Zelda Mints
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The magic of the ice arrows
may help you freeze and fell your foes,
but this same power can be so sweet
in tiny, icy, minty treats.

This Hylian shield emblazoned tin
with tasty, chilly mints within
will satisfy your taste for mint
and tins with Hylia's imprint.

These Zelda mints pack a pepperminty punch! They come in a tin shapped as a shield from The Ocarina of Time. The mints are made from sugar, magnesium stearate, and perppermint flavors. The tin has about 100 mints.

A User Review For You: "I LOVE THE TIN. It seriously is perfect. The size lets you carry it around easily and it has vivid details and is tough and solid. I love how I can bust out OoT mints. You will want to open the tin slowly and carefully as to not have the mints explode everywhere. Very, very cool item. This Zelda fan is happy!"