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Thumb Book Page Holder

Thumb Book Page Holder
$2.95 on Amazon
Reading in the park is great
if not for all that wind;
and when you lose your place
itโ€™s hard to tell where you have been.

If there were a thing
to help you keep the pages down,
you would have the power
to read anywhere in town!

Reading can be tiring work. Sometimes, you need to let one hand relax. With this cool thingie, you can now read with one hand easier! This product may be of particular interest if you, or someone you know, only has one hand. I hope that sentence doesn't offend anyone.

Maybe you have two hands but you are doing reading time at school or the library. Bingo! This is the product for you. With one, you can hold the awesome children's book of your choice open make hand gestures with your free hand will keeping the book wide open with your thumb book page holder!

You may be worried about the size of the hole of the thumb holder. Let me put you at ease. There are different sizes available. Do you feel your thumb is kind of small? Order the small size! Do you feel your thumb is huge? Order the extra larget size!

A User Review For You: "I once saw these in a bookstore and bought one. I loved it. I lost it. I wanted another. I didn't live near the bookstore anymore. I found them online. I got one for me and one for my husband. We both love them! They are so convenient. I can read in the bath tube while letting one hand soak in the water. If you are picky about the color of the thumb holder, you may be leary. You don't get to request a color, you just get whatever they send you. If you are fine with that, you should know that I think you should order one!"