USB Desk Lamp, Clock, And Fish Tank

USB Desk Lamp, Clock, And Fish Tank
$43.79 on Amazon
This clock lamp fish tank pencil holder
has everything you need
if you need light and pencil held,
time told, and fish to feed.

Just plug it in and watch it glow
and tell the time and hold some pens.
A great addition to your desk
in the office or in the den!

The amount of things that this product can do is high. Very high. Sure, it can hold a small fish. Yes, it can tell the time and the temperature. Of course, you can put your scissors and pens in the item holder. Light is indeed provided from the lamp. BUT, think a little more outside of the box.

If you ever are trapped in your office and are dying of thirst then this thing is your lifesaver! Or, if you are performing an office play and need some sweet background noises, set the alarm to one of the 6 different nature sounds. Or, if you need to keep your lunch alive for a little bit, say a crab or a lobster, before you boil it up for lunch. BINGO! This item comes through.

5 Star Reviews For You:

"I've had this tank for quite a few months and had to tell everyone how much I like it. It's quite the contraption. First, you can only put very very small fish in the tank. Think smaller than a goldfish. I chose an awesome guppy. It's fantastic to have a fish swimming around all day while I work. It's been great to have some company. If you are on the edge about this item, let me reassure you. It's a really nice and functional product."

"People at work love this item. So many conversations have been started up because of it. It's fun and it just plain works. A+"

"I was skeptical about the quality of this product because of its cheap price. But, man, it works really nicely. The little pump works like a champ. The thing seems really sturdy and tough. Everything works as advertised."

"I loved getting this for Christmas! My mind was blown with all the different features it has. It's nice to have such a fun clock and thermometer. Everyone works knows about this thing and talks it up. It brings a lot of smiles to the office. The little beta that I have sure seems happy in its home."

"Great great product! It sits proudly on my desk at work. Fun times. I'm very happy with it. The only issue I can see with this desktop aquarium/lamp is the short USB cord. It should be a little longer."