Portion Control Pasta Baskets

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There's nothing worse than pouring pasta into a pot and coming out with twice as much pasta as you wanted. Okay there are probably worse things, but now with Jokari's portion control pasta baskets, measuring the perfect amount of pasta is a snap. No more worrying about calorie counting. Each basket measures out a healthy single serving.

These small silicone baskets allow you to not only measure out but cook the pasta directly in the basket. The basket’s dimensions are 6.8 x 5.1 x 1.3 inches, so most pots will allow up to four baskets at a time. Each serving is contained within one basket. This way, each person will have a perfectly proportioned single serving of pasta. When the pasta is done, simply lift the basket out of the pot to drain and then serve.

Each basket comes with a hole in the handle to measure out a single serving of long pasta. All other pastas can be dropped right into the basket and set into the pot by resting the handle on the lip. But it’s not just for pasta. These portion control baskets are great for steaming vegetables or even fish too.

Since the baskets are made from silicone they can withstand boiling temperatures and are even safe for the top rack of the dishwasher. They’re heat resistant up to 400 degrees. It’s even easy to store too with its collapsible design which is perfect for gadget collectors like me. Each package contains one healthy portion basket retailing for about $9.99 but you’re probably going to want to buy more than one.

The baskets are also BPA-free which is great since chemicals don’t taste so great with pasta. All in all, the baskets are exceptionally easy to use, though some users do suggest a pot that is at least five inches deep. A larger pot might be needed if more baskets will be used.

With obesity on the rise and more and more people trying to be health conscious, portion control is one way to get all the benefits of pasta without all the calories. These clever little baskets are a fun tool to help us eat healthy but enjoyable meals.

Oh so hungry! Oh so hungry!
Make some Fettuccine.
Gross! I want Linguine.

Oh so hungry! Oh so hungry!
Boil the Spiralini.
No! Feed me Capellini.