Stun Gun Flashlight

$19.99 on Amazon
This was the first stun gun I ever owned. I admit, I was scared to death to even buy one, but crime seems to be on the rise just about everywhere and I figured it was better to be safe than sorry.

Due to the moderately low price, I assumed this would be just a little buzzer of a stun gun. I was WRONG! If there are statistics out there showing that after someone buys their first stun gun they are usually their own first victim, I would definitely fall into that category.

The device is just 6 inches big, so I figured it probably didn't pack too big a punch. I stunned myself in the leg just to test it and SERIOUSLY it packs a punch! My entire leg went numb and if I hadn't have been sitting I definitely would have fallen over. Took me a while to recover, definitely enough of a time period that you could get away from an assailant if you ever had reason to use it.

Another perk to the stun gun flashlight is the incredibly loud noise it makes just by pressing it. The noise alone was enough to give me a jump and certainly would let an assailant know you are packing something that they don't want to mess with. The flashlight is also handy and can serve in itself as a deterrent for any possible criminals lurking out there.

For first-time users like me, the stun gun comes with a lot of information on charging it, how the charge affects the stun outcome and even where the best spots are to zap a person so they are down for the count.

I would recommend this little stun gun and flashlight combination to anyone looking to be safe or just feel more safe. But seriously folks, don't stun yourself. That tops the list of stupid things I've done in my life. However, at least now I'm qualified to write this glowing recommendation!