The Neighbours Have Better Stuff Mat

The Neighbours Have Better Stuff Mat
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The landscape that is chosen for your yard is a depiction of your style and design. Visitors to your home have no idea what type of personality or sense of humor you possess. Putting this comical mat at the entrance to your home will serve a double purpose. Not only will it help to keep the dirt out, but it will have your guests smiling before they even step inside.

This whimsical mat performs its duty as a dirt catcher with sturdy construction of a mixture of natural and man-made materials. The face of the mat contains the natural and sustainable material known as coco fiber. This durable plant based material is expertly constructed to make the most out of using its natural fibrous texture to attract and capture dirt from the bottom of shoes, boots, and animals paws. The pile of this mat is low which aids in the ease of cleaning and vacuuming.

The bottom of the mat is constructed out of the durable material known as PVC. This highly flexible and versatile plastic material is perfect for catching the run off of water from foot traffic. This plastic is naturally bacterial resistant and allows for easy clean up. The type of PVC used to create this hilarious mat will keep it in snugly in place for safe use and optimum display of your funny sentiments.

This lighthearted mat is large enough to cover any entry way or door step without being too big and bossy. With a length of 28 inches and a width of 16 inches it will fit in multiple settings or doorways. This mat is the perfect size to trap dirt and debris for days between cleanings.

The cleaning of this mat is simple thanks to the use of natural fibers and PVC components. Both materials are very receptive to a light spraying with a hose for a light cleaning and then being hung to air dry. Care should be taken when spraying the area of the text that is displayed on the front of the mat. Excessive water pressure or damaging chemicals may cause the breakdown of the wording on the mat.

Create a funny and interesting gathering area with the use of this comical mat among a host of other mats. Hang this durable mat on a yard fence as part of a landscaping element to give your outside space a fun and unique twist. The applications for this smile inducing mat are nearly endless. The only limitations to the uses for this mat are your own imagination.

To get your message across to the people who knock on your door, a fun door mat will give your visitors a taste of your sense of humor. This durable and attractive mat is the perfect way to either deter a potential thief or give warning incoming visitors. You are sure to get a smile from all of your visitors when you put a mat declaring "THE NEIGHBOURS HAVE BETTER STUFF" on your doorstep.