Mockingjay Light Bulb

Mockingjay Light Bulb
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Q. What does Katniss use at night to read? A. The Mockingjay Decorative Light Bulb!

Ok, it's decorative, so she doesn't actually use it to read by, but if you are looking for a unique gift, this is a super cool item for that Hunger Games fan in your life. The symbol of the Mockingjay takes the place of the filament in the center of the 3 watt bulb. The bulb blinks gently, making it a great nightlight so you don't stub your toe in case you have to climb a tree to get away from the other tributes.

Do not use the light bulb in or around water, as it is neither waterproof nor water resistant. (No one would want to drown the Mockingjay anyway, right? Except maybe President Snow!) This decorative light bulb can be used anywhere that you would like to be reminded of the Districts, Peeta, Gayle, Haymitch, Prim, and a spirit that can never be crushed, no matter what.

This 120 volt item is slightly larger than a typical light bulb with dimensions measuring 3 x 3 x 5 inches, and a weight of 3.2 ounces. It fits in any standard light bulb socket. Manufactured by NECA, and based on the best selling novel. Buy a few extras to give as gifts to all the Hunger Games fans that you know!