Cell Phone Clip

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As much as we love our mobile toys, keeping track of them can be a pain. We want easy access to them when we need them, and we want them close and convenient when they are not in use. The big problem is that they are small and light-weight. They fall out of pockets and backpacks, and just get lost in the bottom of a purse. It’s expensive and a hassle to replace the shattered glass on any device. It’s easier to just avoid the problem altogether by getting control of that toy!

That’s why the Nite Ize Hip Clip is so handy. Its durable stainless steel construction ensures reliability, and the patented 3M® VHB® adhesive grabs any item with a flat smooth surface to hold it fast. Attach it to your device with the adhesive, and it’s ready to be securely stowed wherever you want it to be.

The spring-tension clip takes no room at all sliding into a pocket or purse because it adds almost no bulk to the device once it’s attached – it’s only a half inch wide and a third inch thick and weighs only a third of an ounce. No matter where you carry it, you won’t feel like you’re ‘packing’ a big, bulky package, and you’ll enjoy knowing that your device is secure, close and safe.

Stick the Clip to the back of your phone or tablet and clip it to your pocket, purse, brief case, even diaper bag. You’ll waste no more time digging through a bag, trying to get to your phone before the call goes to VM. And you’ll have no more worries that your tablet will fall out of your pocket or backpack after it has been securely clipped to a strap or in a pocket. People who have used the Hip Clip say it’s very reliable.

The Hip Clip keeps any mobile device safe, secure and easy to access.