Self Setting Rubber

Self Setting Rubber
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There are plenty of times when you've wished that you could just magically produce plastic or rubber in your own home, usually to use as a device to repair something that's been broken by overuse or a careless hand. Maybe you have a dishwasher seal that's leaking like mad. Perhaps you're struggling to come up with the perfect material to fix a leak in the bottom of a favorite plastic cup. If so, Self Setting Rubber is the product you've been waiting for. Within twenty-four hours, you can have your device or item repaired beautifully.

Just Like Modeling Clay

When you take your rubber out of the package, it feels much like silly putty or modeling clay, and it's equally malleable. You'll only need to roll it around in your hands for a few minutes to warm it up, then mold it into the desired shape. Then, you simply leave it out overnight to cure. It's as easy as that! When you wake up the next morning, your repair will be complete, and you'll be ready to tackle your next project.

Use a Knife for Straight Edges

A putty knife or other cutting tool is recommended if you want the final product to have perfectly straight sides or edges. Some reviewers have also suggested using a spoon or other smooth object to smooth rounded sides, removing your fingerprints and making the final product look cleaner. When it dries, it will look exactly like it did when you stopped touching it last. On the other hand, if you'd like to keep your fingerprints on the project forever as proof of who completed the repair, feel free to leave it exactly as it is!

A Variety of Colors for Your Convenience

Sure, you could fix just about anything in your home with basic grey, but what fun would that be? Instead, you can choose from any color you like. Not finding your shade? You can mix different colors of Self Setting Rubber to come up with exactly the combination you need.

Use It on Cables

Do you have issues with cables that fray or break on a regular basis? For many tech-filled homes, this can be a real problem--especially with pets who chew on cables, small children who pull at them, and other ongoing problems. With Self Setting Rubber, you need only apply a small amount to the outside of the cable to repair it, and before you know it, it will be as good as new! It's the perfect product for all of your repair needs, whether technology-based or around the house.

Self Setting Rubber has a shelf life of around six months. Each package comes stamped with its own expiration date, so you'll be able to tell whether or not the package is fresh enough to properly perform its duties. Keep some on hand for everyday repairs or pick it up as needed for more complicated breaks. It's the perfect product for a wide variety of repair needs around your home.