Bike Spoke Lights

Bike Spoke Lights
$56.97 on Amazon
Great for safety
riding in the darkest times of night,
this spectrumatic wheel
gives shapes and colors for the night.

So many patterns,
all of them quite beautiful and sleek,
this light show on your wheels
will blast away the bleak.

These are incredible. There are forty two different themes/patterns/shapes/animals that these majestic bike spoke lights can create. They have an awesome range of vibrant colors. The spoke lights are LEDs and can be seen from almost all angles of the bike.

These kind of remind me of a grown-up and biked-up version of the 80's lite brite toy. Something about colors and lights are cool. I feel mesmerized by the various colors and patterns.

From reading the product description I have learned that there are 16 total colors. I am not sure which colors because they don't say, but, judging from the pictures it looks like you get some sweet sweet colors.

Thankfully, these have been made to withstand all weather conditions. Well, that's what the manufacturer says. I am sure they can't withstand some huge old Tornado or a level 5 hurricane. But, I think they will be A-OK in the rain or snow. But, if it's snowing, I'd consider driving or riding a bus. Snow is no fun on a bike. Unless... you like crashing?

The lights require 3 AA batteries which last up to 20 hours. Kids of all ages will love these things. It's like having a Disney light-up parade wherever the bike is going.

User Reviews For You: "The pictures just looked so flipping amazing. I almost didn't buy them because the price seems a tad steep. BUT MAN! These things are awesome. The lights are beautiful and bright. It was a snap to put them on. The wide range of patterns available is incredible. These bike spoke lights have melted my mind. I can show some snazzy light flames, or have a running man light up in my spokes, some lightning bolts, some comets. Really really rad."

"These came in the mail the other day. I was shocked with how easy they were to install. Literally, it took less than fifteen minutes. Win! I rode around downtown with these glowing and people loved them. I feel like they should have given me a tip for displaying such a cool light show."

"I had the original model and am now upgrading to this latest version. I was happy with the last version, and am even happier with this one. You really got to love them. I feel safer riding around at night with these on because it seems impossible for cars NOT to see me. Amazing really if they don't see me. If you get two of them for both wheels, one battery pack will light both sets up."