Plastic Welder

Plastic Welder
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When you think of welding you probably think of a blow torch welding together two pieces of metal using extreme heat. However, if you need to stick two or more pieces of something together that isn't metal a blow torch isn't going to work obviously. That brings us to Plastic Welder, the innovative new way to weld objects together without the use of something dangerous like a blow torch. You're probably thinking that this is no big deal, that it's just some fancy type of glue that we've all seen before. The fact is, this product is not glue. Let's go over what makes this product special.

Liquid Plastic Welding

So the big mystery is how this product works if it isn't a glue and if it isn't actually melting and sticking plastic together. The answer is that this is an incredible new formula consisting of a liquid plastic bonding agent. In other words, it's liquid plastic that hardens when you want it to, sticking two or more other pieces of material together. In fact, the product itself is marketed as something to use when glue fails. Or just use it from the start if you want to get the job done right the first time.

How to Use It

You may be wondering what sort of applications a plastic welding agent might have. While this product obviously isn't suitable for bonding two heavy-duty pieces of metal together like blow torch welding, it can be used for other objects such as cracks in the plastic components of your car (such as the coolant reservoir) or to fix a crack in your bumper. The reason this product works so well and is superior to glue is that it is resistant to heat, water, acids, oils, and lubricants.

Using the product itself is fairly straight forward. It comes in the shape of a pen like object with a UV light on one end. The other end dispenses the liquid plastic agent which won't harden until you use the UV light on it. This makes it incredibly easy to get the object you're trying to weld set perfectly before the bonding agent sticks them together.

What People are Saying About This Product

For the most part, reviews of this product have been positive with people repairing everything from ripped leather car seats to jewelry and fishing flies. There are some instances where people have had issues. One fellow tried to use it to repair a fuel tank and said it simply didn't work.

Final Thoughts

Overall Plastic Weld seems to be a great alternative to glue and may even be more suitable for certain projects that a fast drying super glue would not. The only down side here is that the product may not work on some ultra heavy-duty items, like fuel tanks for example, but honestly it isn't meant to take the place of an actual blow torch for actual welding jobs. If you're looking for an easy to work with alternative to super glue, give this product a try.