Survival Shovel Multi Tool

Survival Shovel Multi Tool
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If you're planning to head into the wilderness with only the tools that you can carry, whether you're out for a fun vacation or planning for a disaster, every ounce counts. That means that if you're going to pack a tool, you want it to have a number of different functions. This Survival Shovel Multi Tool is perfect for the task and an important addition to any survival kit! Your survival shovel will serve a variety of purposes. It will certainly do its job as a shovel, but its sharp edge makes it useful for many other tasks, as well.

Take It Camping

When you're out hiking and camping, there are plenty of reasons why you might need to haul out your shovel. From digging a latrine to putting a trench around your tent to catch the rain and prevent it from flooding your sleeping space, this survival shovel will make your task easy! The slightly sharpened edge makes it cut through dirt at an astonishing rate, tearing up roots and rock with ease. It's not a super-light model that will barely an add an ounce to your backpack on a long hike, but its reasonably light weight makes it easy enough to carry. At the same time, the shovel is tough enough to handle any task you might throw its way and sturdy enough to handle the burden of all your digging tasks.

Add It To Your Survival Kit

When you put together your survival kit, you already know that you'll need a shovel. From planting a garden to help sustain you to digging up roots, your shovel has plenty of potential uses. This one, however, comes with a serrated edge on one side for all your cutting needs and a concave chopping edge on the other. No matter what you need to cut, this shovel will make it a little bit easier--and if a shovel is useful in a survival situation, a knife is vitally necessary.

Use It As a Weapon In an Emergency

When an emergency situation arises, you might need to bring a weapon to your hand fast! The sharp edge on this Survival Shovel Multi Tool is just like handling a dull knife, and the firm grip makes it easy to swing your shovel through the air, using it to take out any potential threat in your path. Whether you're battling a large animal who's gotten too close for you to run or beating off an attacker, this shovel is the perfect tool for you. Keep it in your car to provide you with an easy-to-use weapon in the event of an emergency. As an added bonus, you never know when you're going to need a shovel, right?

The Survival Shovel Multi Tool is made of stainless steel. The injection-molded nylon handle will last throughout even the toughest jobs. This is a shovel that's designed to last, not give out on you when you need it most. That makes it the perfect tool for all your hiking, camping, and survival needs.