Time Lock Container

Time Lock Container
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The time lock container is absolutely perfect for anyone that has failed at a diet and just can't seem to stop themselves from grabbing those cookies out of the jar for a late night snack. Sometimes we swear that we are going to stick to our diet and not overdo it, but somewhere along the line, we make the decision to go back and get some more from the cupboard, but this product takes that option away. By planning ahead and setting this container, you will be unable to head back for more after you have set it to lock mode.

This product is essentially a food container that has a lock and a timer set on it. If you decide to come back later and try to get into the container you won't be able to open it until the timer goes off. Perhaps one of the best and probably funniest ways to use this product is to keep your spouse or kids out of the food. Maybe you have a family member that just will not stop eating your food and you want to make sure that those special treats you bought will be there when you want to get them. You're problems will be solved, as you can have your treat and set the timer so that no one else can touch your goodies until you say!

The time lock container was featured on the television show Shark Tank and has received great reviews since it has been out. It features plastic that is three times the thickness of typical containers and is nearly impenetrable. The locking mechanism is motor driven and the batteries last a full six months to a year.

The beauty of this machine is that you can set the timer anywhere from a minute up to ten days, which means if you are going on a business trip or vacation, you can still keep your food locked up. However, the kitchen lock container is not just for food and can be applied to anything you can think of, such as car keys, wallet, and any other valuables that you think of.

This product is perfect for teaching kids a lesson when they have misbehaved or done something to get in trouble. Go ahead and throw their video game remote control in there and see how long it takes them to pull their hair out! There is no limit to things that can be done with this lockable kitchen container, but it is sure to bring a lot of fun to the family household. Although it may drive some people crazy by not being able to get into it, someone will be enjoying it!

There is no doubt that this product is one of the best inventions when it comes to preventing cheating on a diet as well. If you want to keep someone out of your treats or just don't trust yourself when it comes to grabbing that late night snack, pick up your very own time kitchen safe!