Cooler Scooter

Cooler Scooter
$925.00 on Amazon
Feeling thirsty and quite lazy...
If your drinks could come to you
that would be almost as good
as if you could drive your cooler!

This speedy scooter's no joke,
and I do mean speedy.
Perfect for some quick refreshments,
but don't get too greedy!

This sweet cooler scooter can go pretty darn fast. Top speed is 13 miles per hour. It can hold a good amount of stuff. Twenty four normal sized cans of soda pop with eight pounds of ice. Yup. This thing isn't a small cooler. The suggested weight of the rider is three pounds but the cooler scooter has been driven by someone weighing 541 pounds. The scooter is powered by a 1000w motor and includes one rechargable 48v battery and charger.

A User Review For You: "Really impressed with the motor on this scooter. I've had a great time riding on this. Easy to drive. When I got mine I inspected all the parts and nuts and bolts. I suggest you do the same. Make sure your scooter is safe to use. I am a little safety cautious and put some loctite on the threads."