I Am Your Father Signed Canvas Giclee Print

I Am Your Father Signed Canvas Giclee Print
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Christian Waggoner is the artist, giclée is the form.
His intimate brushstrokes detail the storm

of passion and fury, of heartbreak and fright:
The powerful pathos of that horrible sight.

A beautiful portrait of tragedy unfurled.
But it's rare; only twenty-five in the world.

This limited edition signed giclee print will only have 25 copies ever made. The piece is entitled, "Star Wars I am your Father" and is signed by the artist, Christian Waggoner. The piece is 35 in x 35 in.

Christian Waggoner hails from Atlanta. He is a well known artists and has more than 10 years of popular and large commissions. He was asked to create artwork of the '96 Atlanta Olympic Games.