Basketball Hoop Mug

Basketball Hoop Mug
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Introducing the Basketball Hoop Mug

This mug is truly a one of a kind creation. Ever wanted to play with your food? With this mug you can play with your food and have a fun time when eating.

The hoop mug makes a perfect gift for kids. Kids love to play, and this product combines the idea of play with food. The mug has a basketball theme. Basketball and sports lovers will also enjoy this mug as a gift or novelty item. Even adults can have a little fun with this mug at mealtime. This oversize mug is a great way to ensure you drink enough water throughout the day. It can also be used a soup bowl.

Product Specifications and Description

The mug measures 6.5 inches in length, 5 inches in width and 4.5 inches in height. This is a large sized mug. It can hold up to 16 fluid ounces. That is equivalent to roughly two glasses of water in a regular cup.

The mug is 100% ceramic. It is handcrafted and hand painted and is made in Bangkok, Thailand. It is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. It is also FDA and Proposition 65 compliant and CPSIA certified so you can be assured that it is safe for kids to use.

The mug is shaped like a basketball. It is orange in color and even feature the black stripes that are found on basketballs. It really does look like as if you are drinking or eating out of a small basketball with this mug!

The backboard of the hoop is attached to the handle of the mug and is white in color like the handle. The rim of the hoop is attached to the backboard and to the edges of the mug. The rim is colored orange like the rest of the mug. The net which is in the form of an actual basketball net is attached to the rim and is white. The backboard even features an orange square painted on it like a real basketball hoop. You can aim for the square and make off the backboard shots with your food and watch it land into the mug.

Ways to Have Fun With the Hoop Mug

There are many ways to have fun with this mug. Cereal can be thrown into milk through the hoop and marshmallows can be shoot into hot cocoa while aiming for the hoop. More ideas include throwing berries into yogurt and chopped fruit into hot cereal. You can try hurling candy into ice cream while aiming for the hoop and toss crackers into soup. Throwing croutons into a green salad is another way to have some fun while enjoying a healthy meal.

The Story Behind the Basketball Hoop Mug

The inventor of this mug is a young boy named Max from Massachusetts. He created his first mug at an art class in school when he was 8 years old. The mug was popular with his peers and after some encouragement from his parents he entered an entrepreneurship competition. He was a finalist in the competition and a crowd favorite. After raising enough money to start his own business, he began creating his signature sports mugs and they have become a hit with kids and adults alike.