Rugged Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Rugged Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker
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Has this ever happened to you? You are camping at your favorite secluded spot. The fire is roaring and you and your friends are having a good time listening to music from an external speaker attached to your iPhone when somebody bumps the table and knocks the speaker to the ground and breaks it. Maybe there was a cord attached and it pulled your expensive device down with it. What a horrible experience to end a happy occasion on.

With a Rugged Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker something like that never has to happen again. This go anywhere device is rubberized to ensure that it can withstand drops onto concrete from over ten feet. It is fully Bluetooth capable with a built in microphone so that you can use it as a speakerphone in the great outdoors. A handy carabiner style clip will let you attach it to your backpack or golf bag as you enjoy your favorite activities.

Or perhaps you need something to play your tunes on when you are taking a shower or floating down the river. No need to worry about the speaker. It is waterproof in all directions. It comes with a double sided suction cup that can be attached to the back. You will be able to stick it to any smooth surface like the wall of your shower, or the side of the cooler in your boat.

The speaker will last the length of your event. Its powerful lithium battery is capable of up to 12 hours of continuous use. The included micro USB recharging cable will fully recharge the speaker in just 90 minutes and you are still able to use it while it is charging. It has control buttons for volume, answer call, play/pause, RW, FF and skip down the side to make it easier to use. It really is the perfect thing for your excursions in nature.