Straw Construction Set

Straw Construction Set
$11.99 on Amazon
This straw construction set is a fun, exciting product which allows you to create fun ways to drink your favorite beverages! 44 dishwasher safe rubber pieces connect in any way imaginable, to make a crazy, fun straw tower to amaze yourself and your friends.

Be imaginative, and you can make any creation, even drinking from two straws at once! Build up, out, over and under to make twists and turns, bridges and tunnels. If you can imagine it, you can build it with these fun, connectable straws. Make a pinwheel, build a building, make a bunny, a dog, a cat, a fish....anything goes!

This is great gift idea, and will keep any child happy for hours. Create a different straw maze for each drink of the day. Have competitions, use the straws to make fun shapes, animals, or anything that you can think of. As fun as they are practical, you will want a kit for every kid in your family, and all of their friends will want one too!

This cool and entertaining straw construction kit makes a practical party favor, classroom gift, or a stocking stuffer at holiday time! You'll never have to make the same creation twice! Kids can challenge themselves by building structures using some or all of the pieces and getting the final product to balance in their drink!

Super fun and creative, this kit encourages children to use their imagination, and the sky is the limit! The straw is thick and the connectors are sturdy, so no need to worry about leakage. Also use this fun way as a method to get children to drink water or other healthy beverages in place of soda and sugary drinks. This innovative approach to beverage consumption will have kids wanting to consume any beverage they can! Put the straw kit next to a glass of milk or healthy water, and your kids will be as delighted as you are!

The kid inside of me loves this product. I want to make an insane drinking contraption. The reviews on Amazon are really, really good for the product and I feel quite safe recommending it. The kit contains a lot of different parts to use for construction and the material is sturdy enough for dishwashers and should last for a long time. There are reports that if the straw is really long that carbonated liquids become more foamy than usual. Also, the longer the straw, the more sucking power needed to drink.