Darth Vader Toaster

Darth Vader Toaster
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When you are a fan of Star Wars, you want to make sure that your home shows how much of a fan you are. You can add all sorts of things to your home that make your home a fun place for Star Wars fans to be, and you can add a little bit of humor to the house when you are using these items. One of the more funny items is the Darth Vader toaster. It is a great toaster to use, but it is also funny to imagine Darth Vader breathing heavily as you get your toast in the morning.

The Design

The design of the toaster is sleek and modern. Darth Vader himself was all black, so that makes the toaster the right color for most kitchens, and it is going to blend in nicely. It is only when people go to use the toaster that they will notice that it is not a normal toaster. These toasters are going to make it more fun to make toast, but they are going to start a number of different jokes that may not end until everyone leaves the breakfast table.

The Style

The toaster is designed to toast two pieces of bread, and it is designed to keep a low profile on the counter. Most people keep their toaster on a part of the counter that they do not use very much, but you are going to be able to hide the toaster when you are not using it. It is as if the Sith is standing in shadows just waiting to make your toast. You will not hear the sound of his light saber opening, but you will get a chuckle out of the toaster when you see it on the counter. There are many other small kitchen appliances that you can use with these toasters, and you will be able to create a whole kitchen that feels like the set of a Star Wars movie.

The Collectibles

The toasters that you buy are going to be collectibles in the future. You can buy these toasters so that you will be able to keep them for the long term. They will rise in value when they are no longer made, and you can consider them an investment. They can also make their way into your memorabilia collection that could include so many different items from the world of Star Wars.

There are many things that you can buy to make your home friendly to Star Wars, but the Darth Vader toaster is one of the most useful. You will be able to get something out of the toaster that you cannot get out of other collectibles, and you will be able to make your home the most friendly place for your friends who love the movies. Also, you will be able to enjoy the chuckles you get every morning as you exchange lines from the movies as the toaster is getting your toast ready for the day.