The X-Files Complete TV Series DVD Collection

The X-Files Complete TV Series DVD Collection
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If you're a huge fan of one of the better science fiction programs that the Fox network has ever churned out, with "Firefly" being another great example; or you're looking to introduce someone you love to the exploits of partnered FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, then this massive collection is just what you've been looking for. Every single episode of the "X-Files" television show and both films, for the sake of completion, comes packed in this unified compilation. The only way that you could possibly add more DVDs to this impressive collection would be if it included the 13 episodes of series spin-off "The Lone Gunmen" the three seasons of "Millennium," and the handful of video games associated with the franchise.

Those interested in hosting a marathon of the entire collection are in for quite an endurance run; after the 117 episodes of seasons 1 through 5, "The X-Files," the 85 episodes from seasons 6 through 9, and "The X-Files: I Want to Believe," viewers will have spent 9,113 minutes enamored with the conspiracy theories and "will-they/won't-they" chemistry of Mulder and the time it takes to swap out the 54 discs of this massive collection. If that's too large of a figure for you, that breaks down to nearly 152 hours, or more than 6 days, of the paranormal and preternatural.

Some notable moments from the series include:
-Electronic devices emitting murderous messages.
-Ruminations on a silicon-based, rather than carbon-based, life-form.
-A murder spree that leaves each victim covered with roaches. -The overarching story line regarding how much influence extraterrestrials have exerted on humanity, if at all.
-"Home," the only episode to air with a TV-MA rating due to the graphic deformities of an inbred Pennsylvania family.

Looking for all the X-Files episodes in one place? Look no further! This collection features Seasons 1-9 plus two full length movies, and is a fabulous buy for yourself or will make a great gift for all X-File lovers.