Blood Bag Shower Gel

Blood Bag Shower Gel
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If you have a zombie aficionado in your life, this may be a great gift idea. Shaped just like a blood bag, the red colored liquid is actually a pleasantly scented cherry shower gel. The packaging looks very authentic and would fool the average person who only took a quick glance at the product.

Hang it from the shower and shock a visiting friend, sneak it into your friends room and tell them you've turned vampire and ask if they want to join you, just be sure to stop them before they devour your shower gel. You're sure to get some laughs out of it and perhaps a few shocked expressions from your practical joke about turning vampire.

The blood bag is a great idea for a Halloween prop as well. Use it as a gag gift, as a prize or as some of the decor. You're sure to get some laughs and perhaps a few second glances. Could be used in a haunted house as well as long as the lights are down low enough that people couldn't read the words 'shower gel' on the label.

Could also be used in a short video skit for Halloween as part of the lab or the ER visit. Get creative and have some fun with this. Excellent for the child who wishes to be a doctor or a nurse or is into zombies everything. You can't go wrong with this fun gift and the kids will talk about it for years to come. Imagine being the giver of their favorite blood gift. You'll be on their favorite uncle or aunt list for sure.

Reasonably priced and readily available to buy you'll have a lot of fun watching the expression on their face when they open up this gift. Be sure to buy a few of them, the siblings are going to be jealous!

Spooky fun for those who love horror movies or zombies. This Blood Bath Shower Gel is also a fun gift that the nurses in your life can appreciate. Makes a great addition to your shower, and will add some creepy fun to your bathroom. Perfect for scary movie nights and Halloween parties alike.