Makeup & Device Tray

Makeup & Device Tray
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You don't have time to stand in a messy bathroom, desperately searching for all of your makeup and other important items. In fact, all too many mornings, you find yourself multitasking: checking your email, reading an important update from your boss or your friends, or scrolling through your social media accounts while you take care of your morning routine. Now, there's a tool that can make the entire process easier: the Makeup and Device Tray.

Dock Your Important Devices

The Makeup and Device Tray is iPhone and iPad compatible and works with a variety of other phones and devices. It's easy to slide your phone or other device into place, using the tray to hold it at the perfect angle to allow you to watch videos, quickly flip through music to the song you need to rock your morning, or scroll through your email or other important pieces of information--all while you're taking care of your makeup, brushing your hair, or going through other important facets of your morning routine. It's the ideal docking station, especially since it will always be handy while you're doing your makeup.

Keep Your Makeup Organized in Style

You don't want your makeup scattered across your counter or shoved in drawers where it will be difficult to find. You want your makeup to be readily accessible, especially the vital items that you use every day. With this makeup tray, you can neatly organize your foundation, blush, eye shadow, and all of your brushes. It's portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Even better, it does it in style! The gorgeous bamboo will compliment any bathroom design. You can leave it out on your bathroom counter without leaving the entire room looking cluttered and ill-maintained. Never tuck your makeup away in a drawer again! It will be right there for you to slide close, which means that you won't have to dig through drawers in a desperate hunt for your favorite lipstick.

Eco-Friendly and Handmade

When you want to show off your style without harming the environment, this tray adds the perfect touch. Made in America with bamboo, a highly renewable resource that can be grown quickly and easily and therefore can be used in a wide variety of projects without depleting this stunning resource, this product isn't just a statement of style. It also allows you to maintain your standards and showcase the things that you care about.

If you're looking for a great new way to keep your makeup close at hand, this Makeup and Device Tray is the perfect addition to your bathroom. It'll keep your morning routine smoother than ever before, even keeping your phone or tablet close at hand while you're performing your morning routine. Don't need a makeup holder? It could also sit on your desk, perfectly organizing your pencils and a handful of note cards or a notepad while also keeping your tablet or phone right at hand. It's the perfect tray for holding all your small items no matter how you choose to use it.