Body Heat Butter Knife

Body Heat Butter Knife
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We all have the same problem...cold, hard butter that absolutely refuses to spread. Well, the solution has finally arrived! Yes, this is a body heat powered butter knife, the warmth is made from heat conducting technology that uses your own body heat to easily slide through that cold, hard stick of butter!

But, don't limit it to butter! Use this fun, original piece of flatware for peanut butter, jam, cream cheese and many more. The titanium coating is non-toxic and food-contact safe, and there is no electricity or batteries required! When you are done, the knife is conveniently dishwasher safe.

Never again will you have to use pressure to cut through butter. The body heat butter knife slides through even a frozen block as if it were silk, then spreads on bread or toast like velvet, all while being easy on the wrist. Keep the whole family happy as you effortlessly spread fresh butter on your morning toast or slice of bread at dinnertime, without tearing the bread, and best of big glob of un-spreadable butter in the middle! Seriously, who wants to bite into that?

Take butter right out of the freezer and spread it on a hot or cold piece of bread with ease! No more telling your dinner guest that your are so sorry that you forgot to let the butter sit out. Best of all, everyone will be so impressed at the ease of which they can spread butter, that they'll want one for themselves! So now, all of the guesswork is taken out of what to get your friends or coworkers for their next birthday, or what to get as favors for that bridal shower you are hosting! Practical and affordable, you can get one, or you can get many so everyone at the table can have their own!

Donโ€™t you just love that feeling when you go to spread butter on your bread, only to have your bread rip because your butter is cold? Not. Well, look no further for a solution to your problem. This butter knife uses the body heat from your hand to warm the knife so it easily slices through and warms your butter and makes it easy to spread. Not only does it work for butter, but itโ€™s also great for cheeses, jams, and icings as well.