Stun Gun Walking Cane

Stun Gun Walking Cane
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Protection in a walking cane is an ingenious idea. This cane can not only help individuals with ambulation difficulties, but it also serves to protect them from dogs, or humans desiring negative outcomes. How can this cane serve to protect? The cane is a solid, useable walking stick to help individuals with their balance or when they have difficulties with one side of their body. It also helps with more than just being a striking device. The stick is hiding something electrifying. A one million voltage charge is included. No one can withstand a shock from this voltage.

To understand the ZAP we first need to speak about the contact of the stun gun itself on the body. The longer the stun gun comes in contact with a body part, the more damage it can cause to the attacking individual. Leaving this touching the body for more than four seconds will cause the individual to suffer confusion, difficulty with their own balance as well as some even end up dropping to the ground. This will give you the time you need to get away from the perpetrator and walk to a safe area to call for help.

The walking cane is solidly built. People up to two hundred and fifty pounds can use this cane safely. This means a person that is 250 pounds or less can use the cane for support on one side of their body. Using the right or left side, the cane will hold up most individuals that need a cane. This means it will actually adjust up to 3 feet.

As an added bonus, the walking cane also includes a flashlight. This flashlight is very bright, giving off enough illumination to light up any sidewalk area. Hey, this is very safe as well as protective. When the flashlight or stun gun need recharging, there is a wall charging device. It also comes with its own storage case.

The best way to use this zapping device as a security or protection device is to get smart first. Meaning, the first thing to do with the cane is to hit the person over the head. This will make the person stumble or at least grab their head, giving you time to hit the person with the zap part of the cane. Using the cane for protection is one way to get the best from the cane, but using it for a walking device is the best use of the cane.

The stun gun walking cane is the perfect gift idea for anyone that likes to walk. It is perfect for stopping those barking dogs that run out to the street trying to attack. It is perfect for the rare occasion that a feral raccoon will seek your attention and definitely perfect to swat at those diving birds. Remember that the stun cane is not only for protection from human perpetrators. It is great to use to keep all of those pesky varmints from invading your space. If your spouse argues about purchasing something like this, make sure to explain the benefits that may arise in the next argument. That was a joke indeed. The benefits of the flashlight and the support of the cane go nicely along with the benefits of the stun part of this cane.