Finger Tentacles

$10.99 on Amazon
Finger tentacles are exactly what they sound like... TENTACLES FOR YOUR FINGERS! How cool is that? You can put these 7 inch long tentacles over your fingers and turn your hand into a cephalapod. You can have loads of fun with these. Use them as a prop in a haunted house or Halloween party, scare your nieces and nephews (or any small child really), use them as ocean themed decorations for your room, classroom or even for your fish tank.

Finger tentacles make great prizes for kids in a classroom or when they win some kind of game at a carnival or at a fair type setting. You can buy these in a pack of five, so get a few handfuls and you'd be set for your average classroom!

However, finger tentacles aren't just for children. Adults can enjoy them as well! Need a simple solution for a costume party? Put on some tentacle fingers and have someone creative paint your hands and arms to match. Voila! A hit costume without much work having to be put in. That same method can also come in handy when you have a haunted house, have someones arms painted up with the fingers on and they can reach out and touch people. Imagine how much people will freak out!

Plus, who doesn't love an awesomely decorated fish tank? You can arrange the fingers in a way that they are poking out of the gravel so it looks like an octopus is reaching out to the fish. Really the possibilities are endless when it comes to the fun you can have with tentacle fingers. Regular fingers are boring anyway!