Floating Foam Pad

Floating Foam Pad
$569.90 on Amazon
Float upon a raft of foam,
fold to take where you may roam!

Floating on wavy shoal
or in a nice scenic atoll,

this foam will keep you satisfied.
Come on and take it for a ride!

The floating foam pad is the color green on one of its sides and the color yellow on the other side. The pad is made from the same material that buoys are made of, polyethylene. Included with the floating foam pad are 2 velcro straps to allow you to roll the pad and store it. Also included is a connection that allows the pad to attach to boats or docks. The floating foam pad can maintaing a total of 1300 lbs and keep on floating. The pad itself is 30 pounds. The dimensions of the floating foam pad are 6 Ft x 18 ft.

A User Review For You: "Our kids adore this pad. It acts as a home base for when they are out playing in the water. I don't know how many different games they've played that include this floating foam pad, but, I know it's a lot. My husband and I like to sneak in and lay on the pad together when we get the chance. We love love love this pad."