Mini Pallet Coasters

Mini Pallet Coasters
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Whether you are enjoying a hot cup of tea or a cool refreshing pepsi, the mini pallet coasters are an obvious choice for beverage placement. At 1/10th the size of a standard pallet, these coasters are more functional and easier to move about the house than their normal-sized counterparts. I have personally tried to use standard pallets as coasters, and the result was a disastrous catastrophe. Furniture was ruined, injuries ensued, and the hearts and minds of my friends were permanently marred. The memory of that event still surfaces during therapy sessions. (Not really, any of it)

Guests will swoon over the real hardwood smell as they sip quality drinks from your unique, vintage home-brewed collection. Rugged and elegant, the coasters will start conversations and draw attention from even the snobbiest of your hipster friends. And, when the summer heat permeates the room, no double-hopped, triple aged, knotty, grass-fed, all-day IPA will be subject to its condensation marking your tables. Your hand-made naked furniture is safe. As each drink glass sweats, the coaster will absorb and protect your grandmother’s antique coffee table.

Now, even though your grandma is not here, her spirit lives on in the carefully selected items that she has left you in her will. It has been an adjustment getting used to working for your own money and not living off of her social security, but you are handling it well and she would be proud. Not only will the furniture be safe, but the fine lead crystal wine glasses and snifters left in your care will be safer sitting on a perfectly crafted coaster of this caliber.

Did you just install a bar in your man-cave? Even though your wife was upset, you did it anyway - because she was at work while you were ‘looking for a job.’ It looks like the bar is made out of an old park bench, but other than that, the setup is great. She is really mad at you. But, hand her a good drink (not a girly drink), and offer her the most important part of any man-cave: something to set a quality drink down on. Smoothly slide the pallet coaster over to her while she tries to catch her breath after telling you everything that is wrong with you. She will look down, see the style and the fine craftsmanship, the ingenuity and clever decision you made in the purchase, and forgive you for everything you have ever done, including the trip to Vegas without her. What was it that you brought home for her? Yeah, bad move, dude.

Made of the finest compressed fiberboard, the mini pallet coasters are eco-friendly and come in packs of four or five. While four may seem like enough, considering your struggle to make friends and the polite declines from co-workers to attend events at your house, using this product will soon fill your home with new friends, laughter, and ambiance. You may find yourself ordering more sets just to accommodate the masses. Cheers!