Pizza Bed Set

Pizza Bed Set
$49.99 on Amazon
If you're looking for a fun, funky bed set that will showcase your unique style and sense of fun, look no further! This pizza bed set is the ideal way to show anyone who enters your bedroom exactly how much you love your favorite junk food. With a comforter that looks just like a pepperoni pizza and pillow covers that are designed to look like Parmesan cheese and red pepper packets, this bed is sure to be a hit!

Perfect for a Teen's Room

Many teens, especially boys, are looking to make a statement with their bedroom decor. While that statement is all too often, "Look at this mess," with this bed set, the teen in your life can make a different statement: one that incorporates their favorite food and their unique taste. It's a great conversation piece for a sleepover night, perfect for a pillow fight, and great for game day, when the comforter can be pulled off the bed and used as a stylish way to keep warm while the battle rages on the television screen.

Make a Bachelor Pad Unique

Many bachelors fear that they don't know anything about decorating. Unfortunately, that bed set eventually gets scrubby and has to be replaced. Why not embrace that lack of style and choose a funky, unique bed set that's sure to make people laugh when they get a look at it? Anyone who makes it past the doors into your bedroom and isn't up for a laugh probably isn't worth your time anyway. In fact, your pizza bed set could become the ideal screening tool: anyone who doesn't think it's funny isn't invited back.

Cuddle Up on Cold Days

There's something about a nice, soft comforter that makes it difficult to crawl out of bed on a cold winter morning. This realistic-looking comforter, in spite of its detailed photo-style appearance, is soft, fluffy, and warm. You'll love cuddling up beneath it on cold days so much that you might just find yourself lingering in bed a little longer than you should.

On a Diet?

If you're on a diet and avoiding carb-loaded foods like pizza, this might not be the bed set for you. The realistic appearance of the pizza will have your mouth watering, and before you know it, you'll find yourself reaching for "just one slice." Cuddling up under the soft, comfortable blanket may lead to increased good feelings about pizza--as if you didn't have enough of those already! For this reason, if you're on a diet, it's best to avoid this particular comforter set until you're ready to start eating carbs again. Your waistline will thank you for your forethought.

Your personal sense of style and slightly goofy sense of fun will shine through when this bed set takes over your bedroom. It fits with any color scheme, so no matter how your bedroom is decorated, it will be sure to fit. Whether you're looking for a great everyday set that's plenty of fun or a bed set to pull out to impress your friends during slumber parties, this is the set for you.