Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

$41.97 on Amazon
The bluetooth shower speaker is great for the shower, but has better uses. I've honestly only used it in the shower two or three times. It worked great, but who really has time to jam out to tunes during their hurried pre-work morning shower. When I did use it in the shower, the music sounded clear even with the water on full blast. What more could you ask for from a shower speaker?

I mainly use the Bluetooth 3.0 in all the many places you want music, but either fear water damage to your phone or your phone's speaker just won't cut it. It's great for hanging out by the pool with friends and it's always fun to be the person controlling what music plays via bluetooth, because I'm the one who doesn't mind if my speaker gets wet or somebody accidentally spills a cocktail on it. The wireless signal works from across the pool, which is about 30 feet long. That's farther than some of the other bluetooth speakers I've seen.

I use it with my iPhone, but I've had friends sync it up to their tablet and that works great as well. We sometimes use it as makeshift surround sound when streaming to the tv from tablets and it fills up the room with sound.

It has good battery life, about 4 hours. I wish it lasted longer, but on the contrary I found that is charges up a lot quicker than some of the other devices I've seen. The best thing I've found about this waterproof bluetooth speaker is that it's extremely lightweight. You can carry it in your purse and barely tell it's there. If there is any chance a summer party may break out that calls for some music, you're always prepared.

This speaker looks really nice, but it's a tough guy and can withstand a good amount of water.