Levitating Construction Game

Levitating Construction Game
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Sometimes it's a good idea to get away from the Xbox or Wii for a while and do something in the real world with other people instead. While there are a lot of fun board games, they are all typically played on a flat board. However, this has all changed with the Levitating Construction Game. It has a board that's totally different from anything else that's out there today.

Think Geek first revealed this game at a toy fair in February 2014. The game is geared towards those who love playing games like Tetris and Jenga as the company is sure that these folks are in for a real treat here! The Levitating Construction Game is like a combination of these two games, but there's a twist: This game actually levitates, which makes it even more challenging for players who must carefully stack pieces on this platform.

The way this board works is by magnetic repulsion. This allows the 3-inch square game board to defy gravity. As it floats in the air over the top of some strategically placed rare-earth magnets that hover over the top of a 6-inch square base, you're challenged to build castles and other small constructions without tipping the board, which would cause all the pieces to come crashing down to the ground. What makes this board look even better is that it's surrounded by a set of glowing, blue LED lights.

The game pieces consist of 24 plastic blocks. There are 6 pyramids, 6 corners, 6 L-shapes, and 6 straight pieces that players can use when it's their turn. Each time it's your chance at the board, you'll need to roll a 6-sided die that comes with the game. You're then instructed in regard to which of the 24 translucent plastic boards you must add to or remove from the tower. If you can successfully do this, leaving the tower still standing after your move, the game goes on. However, once a player finally brings the tower crashing down, the game is over and this person is declared the loser. In this way, the game truly is like Jenga, in which the last person who places a block without making the platform tumble is the game's winner.

Although the instructions that come with the Levitating Construction Game says this is for only one or two players, there really isn't any reason you can't have more people engage in this game with you. The game itself lasts for about 5 minutes, so you don't even need as much time as complex games, such as β€œRisk,” need. Nonetheless, this is a really fun game that a lot of people have given very high ratings for and reviews of.

Many people even go so far as to say that this game is addictive for both children and grownups alike. Sometimes the fun can turn into maddening frustration though. Even that is a lot of fun as that frustration isn't the irritating type that you may experience with other things in life.