Solar Power Outlet

Solar Power Outlet
$199.95 on Amazon
How many times have you found yourself stuck in a situation where your phone battery is about to die on you in the middle of nowhere? How about when you are trying to finish up that last minute work on your computer only to realize that it's dying, and all of the power outlets around you are already taken? And let's not forget about that time you went camping and found out the hard way that you were stuck all night without a way to power a light. If you have been on the unfortunate receiving end of one, or all, of these dilemmas, then the Solar Power Outlet is the product for you!

Perhaps one of the best benefits that it offers is its wide range of functionality. With a 12 volt, an AC, and USB outputs located directly on the front face, this product offers an array of options to help give you the type of power that you need. And just in case you are wondering, they can all be used at one time! No more having to wait for one device to finish charging, or switching them out constantly trying to charge multiple things in one small space, because with this product, you can charge and power up to four things at once!

Yet another perk of owning this product is its size. This product weights just over ten pounds, making it sturdy and durable enough to always rely on, yet light enough that it can be taken nearly anywhere without wearing you out or getting in the way. Speaking of size, the product is only about eight inches long, seven inches wide, and six inches high. This means that it is a bit shorter in length and width than an iPad, and only slightly taller than your average coffee cup. But the fun doesn't stop there!

Maybe you and your family have multiple devices each, and need more than just one of these great products. If so, then you will notice that they can easily be stacked on top of one another, as the legs on each corner of one fit down into groves on top of the other. These unique traits of these products make it simple and quick to store them in even the smallest space that may be available, whether you have one or five, without giving off that cluttered, messy look.

Now, you may be wondering about what happens once it runs out of power itself. Well, there are multiple ways to recharge its battery! Whether you are in your house, in your car, or even at the beach, this product can quickly be recharged with a regular wall outlet, a car's 12V adapter, or even by the sun's own rays when connected to a compatible solar panel. And to make it even better, you can continue charging your own devices at the same time that this product itself is being charged, meaning that with proper planning and procedure, you should never run out of juice in any device ever again!

All in all, this product is one invention that everyone should have in today's world. With everybody, from kids to adults, owning multiple pieces of technology and devices, it becomes hard to always find the proper place and time to charge and power them. However, this product makes those worries a thing of the past. Whether your power is out at your house, your car's 12V adapter goes on the fritz, or you decide to spend a day outside in the woods, at the beach, or anywhere else, you will always have a solution to your energy needs with the Solar Power Outlet!