Chemistry Shot Glasses

Chemistry Shot Glasses
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If there is a science or chemistry buff in your life, then these are the perfect shot glasses to have. The miniature glasses can be used for taking shots, planting flowers, decoration, or as a child's educational play set.

The different shaped plastic shot glasses are sure to catch your guests' eyes. They are designed to resemble only the most popular measuring glasses and beakers used in a science lab.

Using these for a party will encourage science fanatics to drink all night. The odd shape of the shot glass is not the norm, and for scientists it would not be a good interaction if they used their lab utensils to drink alcohol.

Maybe everyone at the party does not drink, but there is one special person who does. Offering this product as a gift for birthdays and graduation will encourage them to either drink the night away, or have a deeper passion for their favorite subject.

Since the glasses are small, people often find crafty uses for them, one in particular is planting flowers or herbs. Choosing to use them as flower pots is a wise decision, or they can be used for a small stem garden flower picked specifically for you by a loved one.

Science buffs know exactly what to use the glasses for, and that is decoration. They can be used to decorate home and business offices to inform others of the importance of chemistry in life, and the tools chemists utilize to perform experiments.

Children can also benefit from receiving shot glasses as a gift. They do not have to know they were created for quick shots of alcohol, but they can know these objects are commonly used in a science lab. The set has has accurate measurement markings to insists in educating them about liquid measurements.

This is the perfect gift for all chemistry lovers! This set includes four shot glasses shaped as familiar chemistry measurement beakers. You and your friends will get a kick out of mixing up drinkable concoctions in these awesome glasses.