Bathtub Caddy With Reading Rack

Bathtub Caddy With Reading Rack
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Ah, a peak of luxury:
while in the bath, a book to read.
What better comfort to enjoy
than reading in comfort and harmony?

Enjoy a sip of your favorite drink
relaxing in the steam
and soak your stress away
with luxurious dreams.

I am a man that loves to take a bath. I am man enough to admit that. It is so relaxing. If I had enough time, I'd read a book in the bath every night. Cue some candle light, bath salts, and you'll be ready for an evening of relaxation and peace.

This bathtub caddy is made from bamboo. But, don't worry. It will not crack or break from getting wet. It has a place for a cup on both sides. The cup holders are built to accomodate different glasses.

The best part, in my opinion, is that there is a reading tray. I remember spending many nights reading Harry Potter in the bath tub. This would have been perfect. I could have had my drink and snack right in front of me. I'm not sure if the hot water heater could have withstood my bath staying power. Amazingly, this product has a 4.5 star rating which has come from 135 different reviwers.

5 Star Reviews For You:

"The best feature is the book holder, by far! It is so easy to use and wonderful! I was worried that it wouldn't be strong enough to actually keep my big books open, but it does a marvelous job! If you are going to buy this to hold up your books for bath time, you will NOT be disappointed. I also like how nice it looks. I find it very sleek and fashionable. It's adjustable and I'd imagine would fit for any tub. It's a really great product."

"I spoiled my wife for Christmas this year. She got a new iPad and this bath tray. I knew that she would want to take her new toy into the tub and that I should get her something to help her with that tricky endeavor. This caddy does the trick. I love that the arms that connect the caddy to the bath tube sides are sticky to prevent slipping off."

"Avid book reader here. I have developed the habbit of taking very long baths. I did a lot of Internet searching to find the perfect reading bath tray. This seemed to be the best option and it really is great. I recommend this product for everyone that reads in the tub. I can tell that it is of high quality material and make. I am confident that it will last for a long, long time."