Raptor Dog Costume

$19.99 on Amazon
The Raptor Dog costume is the cutest and craziest thing ever invented. It comes in sizes extra small, small, medium, and large. Depending on what size you buy, the price ranges from $18.99, to $20.12. That is the online price of course.

The costume is foam padded, and comes equipped with arms, a tail, and a head piece. The whole costume is printed with a cool, blue and brown pattern. It is all one piece except for the head which is detachable, so it is simple to put on and to remove.

This costume is safe and will fit comfortably on mostly all dogs. If you are wondering what size to get your canine pal, lets talk about it:

For the larger dogs like a Labrador retriever, or a Weimaraner, the large size is best. The large will fit a dog up to twenty inches long, a chest size anywhere between twenty four to twenty six inches, with a neck size of sixteen to twenty inches. Size medium is good for a dog sixteen inches long, a chest size of twenty to twenty four inches, and a neck size of fourteen to sixteen inches. For example a Beagle, or Jack Russel. Any dogs smaller than those examples use size small for a toy poodle or similar sized dog. Extra small would best fit a Miniature Pincher or a similar sized dog.

If you own a dog that likes to play dress up, this is a great costume. It is made comfortably and with good quality material. This costume is a great way to boost your furry friends ego. What dog wouldn't have fun pretending to be a raptor? Make your dog feel like a realistic raptor. Some costumes are made cheaply and look unrealistic. Animal Planet hit the nail right on the head with this one, from the pattern and the spikey tail, down to the ferocious teeth.

This costume is the Cadillac of all costumes. Not only is it safe and comfy, but it's fun too! Another plus is it can be used for multiple occasions like, Halloween, to the park, or to a playdate, maybe a dog party who knows! The possibilities are endless.