Baggy Holding Rack

Baggy Holding Rack
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Here's the new time-saving kitchen invention that's designed to make your life easier. It's called a baggy holding rack. What is it? It's a compact device that holds your plastic bags open while you fill them with sauces or other foods. Include this in your home today and begin to experience more leisure time.

Non-slip rubber grip base - This feature helps to secure the balanced gadget to the work surface. Two adjustable arms operate to clip the bag open while it is being filled. Expandable arms secure your mini-snack or gallon-size bag in the open position.

Clips lock on - Just like extra fingers, your food bag is held open and stationary. There is no more spilled mess while you're trying to pour into a bag and hold it open at the same time.

Your extra hands are there to help keep the counter spotless. Less mess means more spare time to relax. Who said storing your food has to be complex? When you're finished, the arms fold flat for easy storage in a kitchen drawer.

Works With Mylar Bags For Preppers

This new kitchen tool even works with your mylar bags. If you're a serious survivalist, you're already investing time in dehydrating lots of fruits and vegetables. Packing and storing them for long term takes time.

This creation takes the stress out of food packing. Bags load fast when they're held open by the arm clips. You'll wonder how you ever lived without a baggy holding rack.

Encourage Self-Esteem in Children

Kids will love helping you when they see this mechanism. Because it cuts down on dribbles and splatters, your kids build confidence as they help you store leftovers. Make everyone in the family happy today by placing this appliance in your kitchen.

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