Electronics Cleaning Putty

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One of the most important parts of your computer is the part that can get the dirtiest. You might have been eating while you work, your children may have used your computer, or it has set open and gotten dusty. Hair and food crumbs can cause keys on a keyboard to seize up and quit working. How do you clean a messy keyboard? You could use the can of sprayed air. It will work, but the dust just flies through the air and settles somewhere else. The best possible way to clean dust or food crumbs from your keyboard is with an electronics cleaning putty.

This putty can clean that keyboard until it looks as good as new. This new putty compound is patented to clean high tech electronics. It can be applied and get deep into spaces you never thought you would reach. It molds itself to what it is applied to and collects dirt from any device. The dirt you remove does not fly back into the air. Instead, it is folded into the putty and is absorbed. The putty is reusable, and a color change will let you know when it is time to get new putty.

This electronics cleaning putty is also perfect for many other places dust and germ particles collect. You can use it on the vent on your computer where dust collects. Also, use it on charger ends to clean dust particles from other electronic contact points. Cell phones can be cleaned of dust that has collected in speakers or on recessed camera lens.

Cleaning putty can be used in any place where dust or germs collect. Use it on doorknobs, television buttons, and remote controls and on the dashboard instruments in your car. The best part is folding dust, dirt and germs into the putty and throwing it away.