Game of Thrones Board Game

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Game of Thrones board game is based on the popular HBO series and well known book: A Game of Thrones. This board game is intended for young adults aged 14 years and older and allows for three to six players. Players become part of the game by choosing one of the well-known characters from the television series and novel. Players can choose different strategies to decide how they want to conquer the dynasty. Players set up their areas in a war ravaged world by choosing one of six dynasties. They then attempt to win total domination over the rest of the globe.

Game of Thrones board game is a deluxe edition that offers vibrant playing pieces and intricate artwork and detail on the game board. The game board shows a detailed map of Westeros, and the playing pieces and cards are designed with specific locations and their most popular characters. The board game displays an authentic medieval era with marbled plastic playing pieces shaped in to knights, ships, and footmen, all used to set up a military tactic.

There are ten rounds during the play of Game of Thrones. The player who has taken over the most areas is named the winner. If a player takes over at least seven areas before the ten rounds are up, that player is automatically determined the winner. Each of the ten rounds consists of three phases: the Westeros Phase, the Planning Phase, and the Action Phase.

The Westeros Phase consist of day to day activities, the Planning Phase has players secretly planning their line of attack, and the Action Phase is when war and fighting break out, alliances are broken and new ones are made to conquer the realm. Alliances will break under pressure due to the player’s selfish reason as to why they want total control. As they promise false prosperity, their own dynasty will begin to fall before their eyes.

The Wildings are set up in the far Northern area of this world, causing havoc on all of the dynasties. Enemies must join together to try to defeat a common enemy, all the while defending their own world. This board game will awaken each player’s imagination, drawing them in to a vibrantly detailed gaming world, and bringing their favorite characters to life.