Alienware Gaming Console

Alienware Gaming Console
$499.99 on Amazon
Alienware is known for manufacturing powerful gaming computers. For that reason, an Alienware Gaming Console might sound like a foreign idea to PC gamers. The Alienware Alpha is best described as a gaming PC in a console form and interface. Users can now play their favorite PC games through the Steam platform from their living room television.


The Alpha comes in various configurations with Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors and 4GB or 8GB of RAM. For its GPU, this console utilizes a 2GB Nvidia GPU that can run most games on high settings without a problem. A 500GB hard drive is included, and the console connects to a television through HDMI. The processor, RAM, and storage drive are all user-accessible for upgrading, too.


A specialized Alienware UI running on Windows 8.1 is utilized to navigate through the Alpha's menus and screens. Currently, the console can download and play games from the Steam platform. This gives users access to thousands of games in the comfort of their living room. Users looking for a traditional console UI might face a slight learning curve with this interface, though.

No Keyboard Or Mouse Required!

The Alienware Gaming Console doesn't require a keyboard or mouse to operate or play games. With an Xbox 360 wireless controller, players can navigate through menus and launch their favorite games. Traditional console gamers will find an entirely new library of games available to themselves with the Alpha. PC gamers can always connect a keyboard and mouse to the console, if desired.